Color isn't the only consideration when planning your next painting project. Quinn Painting wants to ensure your satisfaction, so along with choosing the right color for our customers, we will also carefully go over paint finishes, which will determine how vivid details appear. Below is a list of the finishes.

Flat and Matte: Flat and Matte: Both of these finishes work great on interior walls and ceilings. This finish that has very little shine and doesn't reflect much light.

Eggshell: This finish has a little more sheen than a matte finish and is slightly more durable.

Satin: Paints with a satin finish are a better choice for walls that need more constant upkeep.

Glossy: There are typically two choices when it comes to glossy paint finish: Semi-gloss and gloss. These finishes are usually used on woodwork, baseboards and doors.

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